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This weekend the hubs and I headed to Calgary for some visiting!  On the way out we grabbed some cinnamon buns from the Sugarbowl.  For those of you in the Edmonton area these cinnamon buns are amazing!  To start with they are HUGE and go like hot cakes!  At 11:30 am we got the last two!  With my trusty Rodarte + Starbucks travel mug in tow we grabbed some coffee on the way and then were off!  Not the healthiest breakfast, but delicious nonetheless! 

I am in love with this mug from Starbucks by the way!  I harassed my sister to pick up as many Rodarte + Starbucks Collaboration products as possible for me over Christmas and then ended up buying 2 additional mugs on sale so I had extra to keep in rotation! 

The forecast claimed to be warmer so I opted for some lighter options.  I don't know if that turned out to be the best idea since I swear I almost lost a toe taking these photos but at least my feet looked good?  Living in Edmonton seems to a constant battle between fashion vs. function.  I grabbed a scarf and leather gloves to take the edge off the cold.  I find that with weather like this and especially into spring, when weather can be a bit more unpredictable, keeping a pair of light gloves on hand can be a lifesaver! Five years in and I am still working on the balance!  

 Thanks for visiting and I hope you are all enjoying the week so far!

Jacket: H&M Similar
Top: Smart Set
Jeans: Old Navy
Purse & Gloves: Coach
Boots: Browns

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