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Meet Montebello!  He's my Canada Goose and I love him!  For those of you who live in warmer climates (like my friends in Vancouver) I do not actually have a goose in my house.  Canada Goose is an outerwear company that specializes in jackets for extreme cold.  I bit the bullet and purchased mine 2 years ago after a winter day when Edmonton was officially the second coldest place in the world to Siberia and it's been worth every single penny! In fact this is a Goose loving household in general as my husband has the Chilliwack Bomber (I wonder if the folks at Canada Goose know that it's not actually that cold in Chilliwack?).  In extremely cold weather, like the wicked cold snap that Edmonton got hit with this week, the two of us march around the city in our matching jackets and try to ignore the fact that we are THAT couple. Trust me! At -43 including the windchill you do what you must.  So for the time being I have officially given in and conceded to function over fashion!  As much as I love dressing its not worth losing an digit for...right?

The good news is that the forecast for today through the weekend is supposed to be looking up...we'll see!  Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Jacket: Canada Goose
Toque: The Bay HBC Collection
Mittens: They Bay, Similar

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