10:17 pm


Today is family day in Alberta and the hubs and I took the opportunity to get out and play!  Edmonton has a few outdoor skating rinks but we decided to head out to Hawrelak Park, which has probably one of the biggest outdoor rinks in the city, and hit the ice!


Remember when I said the weather would turn cold again?  Looks like this was the weekend and we were greeted by a nasty wind!  Good thing I pulled out the earmuffs!

In true Canuck fashion the hubs plays hockey and naturally is a pretty good skater as a result.  Me...not so much!  He literally skated circles around me while I spent most of the afternoon trying to avoid frostbite and not fall.

Mission accomplished!  Whether it was a long one or a regular one, I hope you all had time to share it with your family and loved ones as well!  Thanks for reading!

Coat: Zara
Gloves and Earmuffs: Coach
Scarf: Gap

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