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Every once in a while I go shopping and my interest is peaked by something really out there or at least "out there" in terms of my usual style choices. Sometimes I walk away because the item will never really fit into my lifestyle, the price is too high, etc. but every once in a while I'll go out on a limb and pick it up.  That was the case when I saw these boots.  Thigh high cream suede is not my usual go to, but there was just something about them that intrigued me and they were on sale!  That was a year ago and they have sat untouched in my closet since then as I have never really summoned up the courage to put them on...until last week.

I took them for their first spin on the town a few weeks ago but to be honest at the time I was in hurry and not in love with the resulting outfit.  Then last week we were late for an event and the boots miraculously came to my rescue and since then my interest in them has been growing.  So I decided to bite the bullet and make an proper outfit with them.  In the past I have found them difficult to wear because of the light color, but finally making some time to play with them I have found this issue was easily solved by balancing the color with lightness elsewhere in the outfit.  Enter this beautiful assymetrical tank I picked up a few months ago at Shades of Grey down the street from me.  The other issue?  Thigh high cream suede CAN lean towards 80's streetwalker if you aren't careful!  I countered that by incorporating some classics into the outfit.  Namely basic dark blue denim, a slim clutch, and a very tailored blazer.  I think that they help pull the boots back from the edge - or at least I hope.  And where the more tailored elements of the outfit left off I just threw in a healthy dose of self confidence and jumped!  And here's the result!  Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but part of starting this blog was to push myself to be more experimental in fashion and if nothing else this outfit is moving me in that direction.

The point?  Everyone has their "thigh high cream suede".  Find yours and take it for a may like the results!

Tank: BCBGeneration
Blazer: Zara, also here
Jeans: J. Crew
Boots: Zara - old

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