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Growing up in Vancouver I spent the majority of my life surrounded by beautiful mountain and ocean views.  Needless to say moving to Edmonton was a bit of a culture shock.  About two hours or so after you pass the BC boarder the landscape levels out and you can basically see to Winnipeg!  The good news though is that you are only a few hours drive from the beauty of the Canadian Rockies if ever you are in need of a visit.  That's where the hubs and I headed this weekend for our first ski trip of the year!

After some fabulous spring skiing on Saturday and brunch on Sunday we headed back to Edmonton, but not without stopping for a few photos on the way!  It was a bit windy but that's never stopped us before!

Living in Canada all my life, I often forget how much natural beauty we have access to whenever we want, but one can't help but be reminded anytime you head into Jasper National Park.  Whether you are just driving through or making a stop in Jasper the beauty of the park cannot be ignored.  If you try it's likely to walk out right in front of your car!

Puffer Coat, Pants, & Boots: Zara
Sweater: Lululemon
Top: Smart Set
Purse: Coach

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