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Guess what? It snowed this weekend!  Just a little but enough that I wasn't thrilled about the idea of taking photos in the cold!  The Hubs and I are constantly trying to think of new and interesting places to shoot and with the weather not exactly cooperating it definitely wasn't making things any easier.  Luckily we stumbled across this art installation in Simons while running some errands at West Edmonton Mall, and thought that it would make an amazing back drop for some photos...more importantly INDOOR photos!

The installation is located along a staircase that is used by customers and employees so there was some traffic.  This is me trying to blend in.

The installation is called Simons Aurora and was created by architect Philip Beesley for Simons' newest Edmonton location.  When we asked if it would be okay to take photos in the store we were told that the installation was made with the purpose of being a space for the community to enjoy and that we were more than welcome to use the area for photos.  Inspired by the aurora borealis, the installation is designed to "adapt to and be energized by interactions with customers".  Personally I found it fascinating and a wonderful addition to the city that is definitely worth stopping by to check out.

Thanks so much to Simons for their hospitality and of course to my wonderful photographer!

Dress: Armani Exchange
Blazer: Zara
Shoes and Belt: BCBG

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  1. Gorgeous shots Amanda! Your outfit matches perfectly with the environment. I still have yet to visit the installment! So busy with life :(


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