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Ahhhhhh!  I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief!  I am home!  Sometimes I am away from Vancouver for so long I forget what a truly beautiful city it is!

Since starting the blog it has become second nature for the hubs and I to keep an eye out for places to shoot as we go about the day, but I feel like every place we go in Vancouver would make a great location!  The city is nestled between the mountains and the ocean and at this time of year you really can go skiing and to the beach on the same day.  That combined with being away for so long has definitely opened my eyes to see and appreciate my hometown in way I don't think I really have before.  Today we dropped by Queen Elizabeth Park quickly on our way downtown.  Luckily we have been getting the most AMAZING weather and from where we were in the park there was a great view of the city set against the mountains.  

With the warm spring weather I though it appropriate to reach for something colorful and fun and couldn't resist this little orange bubble skirt I brought with me!  I decided to play with color a bit by pairing it with this army green scarf.  Surprisingly I really loved the combination of the colors.  I decided to add a little sparkle and edge by adding this mixed metal belt and shoes.

After the park the we headed downtown for Santouki ramen and some errands.  If you ever visit Vancouver it has a great Asian food scene! Consequently, the hubs and I always take every opportunity we get to eat much as we can!  We have pretty much been gorging on anything Asian we can get our hands on since arriving here - sushi, dum sum, any kind of seafood, and now ramen has been checked off the list.  I may have to buy some new clothes when I go home, but it's all worth it!  

Thank you all so much for reading and a big thanks to the hubs for the photography!

Shirt: GAP, Similar
Skirt and scarf: Zara, Similar
Belt & Shoes: BCBG
Purse: Coach
Sunglasses: Anthropology

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