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After our recent trip to Vancouver I find myself more than ever wanting to move back home.  To that end I have been trying to restrict my shopping and make do with what I have...which is a lot!  It's still a test though to try and be creative within the confines of your closet.  The up side is that the weather has been getting better which means I can finally pull out some of my lighter spring and summer wear!

I have been seeing a lot of green and navy around and I decided to play with the combination as inspiration.  It doesn't get more green than the elf pants! So I thought that they would be a great jumping off point and paired them with a classic navy blazer.  I used lighter colors, grays and creams, to keep the combination from being too heavy for this time of year.  I even braved it and took out a pair of sandals and surprisingly it was warm enough that I was comfortable for the better part of the day.  Plus I always have a scarf with me at this time of year just in case.

Ever the optimist I am confident that spring is firmly on its way!  We went to a barbecue tonight and had to go inside because of mosquitoes!  If that's not a sign that Edmonton is on its way to warmer weather I don't know what is!

As always thanks you so much for reading and have a great weekend!

Blazer: Aritzia
Top: Armani Exchange
Jeans and Scarf: Gap
Shoes: Winners, Similar
Purse: Coach, Similar
Watch: Michael Kors, Similar

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