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Well we are officially back in Edmonton and shock of all shocks...there's snow!  IN APRIL!  Sigh! I personally am still in denial so in them meantime here are our final photos from our time in Vancouver.

One thing I LOVE about spring in Vancouver are the cherry blossoms!  There really is nothing else like it and they are all over the city.  Everywhere you go there are streets of pink clouds and when the petals start to fall it's like pink rain all around! It's so beautiful we couldn't help but use them as a back drop.

One of the most interesting trends I have noticed for this spring is leather! It seems to be popping up all over.  Sometimes in mixed materials but also stand alone pieces.  The interesting thing is that the usually heavier material seems to have a lightness about it, sometimes even incorporating cut work to enhance the airy effect, it somehow feels right for the season.

Thanks you so much to all my friends and family who made our visit to Vancouver so memorable!  We hope to be back sooner than later! 

Jacket: H&M, also here
Shirt: Jacob
Skirt: Forever 21, Similar
Shoes: Bedstu, also here
Necklace: Thanks to my sister!
Wallet: Coach
Scarf: Gap
Watch: Michael Kors

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