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Hi all!  Sorry for the late posting this week!  The long weekend here sort of threw me off my usual schedule. The hubs and I spent the weekend in Calgary visiting friends and family.  The highlight of the trip was a dinner at a well known Calgary restaurant Model Milk!  On Sundays they host a special dinner family style.  For a set price you get three courses and let me assure that they were all AMAZING!  I can't wait to go back!

So last week I got a request to do a post on peplums.  Although I have worked with peplums in the past here and here, it seems like the perfect opportunity for a revisit.  

When peplums first made a comeback I must admit that I was a little unsure, but after seeing some different interpretations, and trying a few on I have really come to enjoy them and find them a great option for a lot of different body types.

The beauty of the peplum is that when you find the right one it enhances all the right places!  They nip in at the waist emphasizing curves and at the same float away from your midsection camouflaging anything that you might want to hide!  I find that the easiest way to wear them is with something more tailored on the bottom. Skinny pants or a pencil skirt are generally my go to pairing items, although I have seen quite a few cute outfits with flared skater skirts as well so you can play around and have some fun.

So if you find yourself unsure of peplums as I was, I highly recommend going out on a limb and trying them out.  They come in several variations so try a few on until you find the perfect one for you!

Thanks so much for visiting and if there are any other items you would like me to try out please let me know!

Top: Jacob, Similar
Pants: Gap, Similar
Belt: BCBG
Shoes: Aldo, Similar
Purse: Stolen from my mom's closet
Bracelet: Banana Republic
Ring: H&M

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