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Happy Tuesday everyone!  It's been another crazy unpredictable week work and weather-wise.  It's been raining on and off for the past little while, but today it was actually kind of cold for the first time in a long time.    I had to reach into the back of my closet for some long sleeves!  The good news is that we still have whole summer ahead of us for things to improve!  

Does anyone remember shoe clips?  I remember them from when I was a child and my mom had some.  Growing up I thought they were kind of cheesy and then one day I found these beauties!  I actually originally bought them to use as hair clips for my wedding (I was looking for something art deco inspired), but thought why not take them for a spin using them for their original intention?!   I love them and I can't believe I haven't done it sooner!  Here's to shoe clips...who knew?

Thanks so much reading and thanks to the hubs for a fun photo session!

Top: Forever 21
Blazer: Zara
Jeans: J.Crew
Shoes: Coach (Similar)with BCBG Clips
Earrings and Purse: Coach, Here and Similar here
Necklace: Simons
Watch: Michael Kors

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  1. gorgeous! you look beautiful love! i adore you in fall colors!

    omgosh dying over your shoe clips.. they are SOOO totally art deco.. in love with them! obsessed w/ all things art deco right now hehe!

  2. Haha, I think I'm too young to remember shoe clips! But they're really cute and a great way to change up a shoe!


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