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Happy Canada Day everyone! 

We have had a new addition to the family recently!  Not that kind of addition!  The hubs is the proud owner of a new camera!  He's been agonizing over whether or not to upgrade for months and, after endless conversations about features and benefits, finally settled on the model that he wanted.  That means that our old camera is officially mine so I figured I should learn how to actually use it.  

Since summer finally seems to be back in Edmonton I thought it would be a great weekend to take a lesson,.  So the hubs and I headed out! We had a great time taking photos of each other taking photos.  Totally cheesy but oh well.  My photography skills are progressing slowly and there are so many buttons to remember!  Who knew the hubs had such a hard job!

As always thanks for reading and thanks to the hubby for the photos and the lesson!

Shirt: So old I don't remember where it's from!
Shorts: Old Navy, Similar
Shoes: Sofft, Also here
Watch, Purse, Earrings: Coach
Belt Aritzia
Sunglasses: Nine West

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  1. Aw, lucky you to get a new-to-you camera! I've been on-the-fence about getting my first DSLR because they seem complicated. Hope you share some of your new cam tips!


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