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Hi everyone!  Well the big day has come and gone and we are onto New Years already!  I cannot believe how quickly the year has passed.  As it draws to a close and we approach the anniversary of our first blog post, I am amazed at how quickly it has all gone by and how far we have come.

This past year has been so unexpectedly amazing.  As I have said before I started the blog for myself.  As a way to indulge my interests and take those fashion risks I normally wouldn't be able to.  I never imagined that it would grow into something bigger or even that people would be interested! 

So I finish the year in some newly acquired favorites which I thought would be fitting.  The latest addition to my family of yetti vests and my treasured Tiffany & Co. Bone Cuff that the hubs got me to commemorate our first official event!

We can't thank you all enough for your continued support!  We really would't be here without you! We hope you all have had an equally if not more amazing year than we had, and wish you an even better year ahead!  Happy New Year!

Vest: Forever 21
Coat: Aritzia
Shoes and Purse: Coach

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  1. this is sooo racheal zoe i love it!!! omgosh i need some wide legged pants like this because w/ the fur vest it's soooo so chic and fabulous!! you look amazing!! cheers to 2014!! and i love your tiffany's frank gehry piece ;p!!

  2. lovely outfit :)!
    have a great year dear :)!


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