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Hi everyone!

The hubs and I have been back in Edmonton for some time now but these are the last photos we shot in Vancouver over the holidays before returning home.

For this post I wanted to very loosely play with the idea of tuxedo inspiration but in a more relaxed look. Started by Yves Saint Laurent back in 1966, tuxedo inspired styles for women or Le Smoking, as the original was called, have become a modern classic that I have found intriguing for some time, but have never really had a chance to experiment with.  For my first time playing with the idea I didn't want to do too literal an interpretation, so I replaced a classic white shirt with a turtleneck, black tuxedo pants with wide leg jeans, and for a pop of color added in some bright purple shoes.

The thing that I love about this look is that, even though it would be considered completely normal now, its introduction marked the start of a trend that later lead to the acceptance of female pant suits and power suits in modern day society.  Imagine a time when women couldn't wear pant suits to work!  How far we have come! So the next time you put on some trousers and head to work remember YSL and the tuxedo trend!

Thanks so much for reading and thanks to the hubs for being photographer even on vacation!

Turtleneck: Smart Set (old)
Blazer and Clutch: Zara
Shoes: Le Chateau
Necklace: Coach
Bracelet: Tiffany & Co.
Lipstick: Kevyn Aucoin 

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  1. Super chic, as usual :) I know this is a fashion blog, but I'd love to read a post of your favorite beauty items or essentials :)

    1. I actually love that idea! I'll add it to my list of of upcoming posts!

  2. Love your take on the tuxedo look. And the pop of colour from your heels is perfection!

    xo, Jackie


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