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Hi all!  Last month the hubs and I were invited to Winefest Edmonton and of course we were thrilled to attend!  I had heard of the event before and was always interested, but never able to attend in the past, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to check it out!  I mean seriously, wine, food...what's not to like?

For anyone who has never attended an event like this you basically arrive and are given a wine glass for tasting and some material to record information about individual wines or vineyards as you like.  This year the event also offered an app that could be downloaded to your phone to record your notes and keep as a record for later. Each booth has a few pitchers of water to rinse out your glass between tastings so the wines don't get muddled together.

There were also a few non-alcohol booths including Cobs and local businesses The Cheesiry, and Cococo Chocolatiers to name a few, that offered some great nibbles to add contrast to your tastings.  I really enjoyed the Cheesiry for its cheese samplings they were offering to pair with wines as you made your way around and Cococo had an amazing rosemary chocolate that was perfect with my fave amarone!

We also ran into some friends during our rounds which made the event that much more fun!  This me and Lil from Beyond Umami!  If you want to learn to make macarons I highly suggest you check out her blog!

For me this was the ultimate wine tasting experience!  Having the ability to taste different wines side by side just brought a whole new level to the experience and allowed me to really compare what different wines had to offer.  The hubs and I definitely confirmed some old favorites (Tommasi Amarone) but also found some great new options (Tommasi Ripasso and Arele), including some amazing whites (Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc - unusual for us) to add to our cellar (aka cupboard).

Unfortunately this post is a bit photo light as the hubs was more interested in the wine than the photo snapping, but we did manage to snag a few photos!  This is a fashion blog afterall!

Thanks so much for reading everyone!

Blazer and Pants: Zara
T-shirt: Gap
Boots and Purse: Coach

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  1. Glad you had fun! Sorry we didn't have a chance to catch up! Soon :)

  2. ahh i love this!! you look lovely! and those pants.. so chic!! i love how fitted they are they look amazing on you!


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