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Hi all!  I mentioned earlier that Edmonton has had the longest and most amazing fall season this year, which came to a screeching hault this week.  Enter winter.  Needless to's been cold!  COLD! Actually by Edmonton standards its not even that cold but I am a Vancouver girl so it's COLD for me, and when it gets cold I bring out the (faux) fur which my husband refers to as my yeti look.  To which I say call me Chewy but I will be warm (and stylish)!

Actually I wore this look before the snow even arrived, but I could already sense that the cold was coming so I doubled up on the fur.  The hubs was practically embarrassed to be seen with me but sometimes you gotta do you, and really can you wear too much fur?  I don't think so and apparently Q agrees (I know it doesn't really count because I dress her too, but if she could dress herself (and talk) she would agree with mama)!

Also Happy Black Friday!  Today is the retail event of the year!  When bargain hunters from near and far diverge on retail outlets everywhere and, quite frankly, loose their minds.  Originally black Friday was an American thing but I have found in the last year or two Black Friday has made a significant mark on the Canadian retail landscape.  So if you are planning on hitting the stores today just remember that it is the holiday season and please be kind to your fellow bargain hunters and retail employees!

Thanks so much for reading!  I am off now to search for deals on more yeti looks!:)

Scarf: H&M
Coat: Zara (old) similar
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Forever 21, similar here and here

On Q: Joe Fresh pantsand coat & Gap shoes

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  1. Amanda, you pull off a dark lip SO well! Love this look :)

    1. Thanks Andrea! I'm totally obsessed at the moment!

  2. Such a nice chic overall look! :-)


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