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Hi everyone! A few years ago a friend of mine and fellow YEG blogger Judith, of Juicy Green Mom, and I worked on a collaboration, here and here, featuring local clothing store Lucid Lifestyle.  At the time I was actually almost 4 months pregnant.  My how time flies and so much has changed!  So when Judith, contacted me about doing another post I was thrilled to work with both her and Andrew, from Lucid, again.

This time when I went into Lucid it was like a different store!  Andrew has brought in so many new brands and I honestly had such a hard time deciding on what to pull!  Yet again I couldn't choose just one I pulled two!

Lucid still carries some of the old faves including an amazing assortment of Yoga Jeans which is still one of my fave denim lines.  I honestly feel like these jeans rival some seriously high end lines in terms of fit and comfort and they do it at a pretty reasonable price point considering their longevity and versatility.  And these days a good pair of basic dark wash skinnies are a wardrobe staple, so when you find a good pair at a good price you buy multiples and hoard them in your closet!

Andrew and I discussed doing a more polished look than we did last time. Something even appropriate to wear to work, "but cool".  So we decided to go with this SEN top.  I seriously fell in love with this top!  It's a grey t-shirt really.  Basic enough to go with anything but the high/low design of the hemline just takes it to the next level.  Paired with some basic black slacks (you guessed it - they're yoga jeans), I really feel like this is something that could be worn in a more casual/contemporary workplace...or dinner...or a date...or brunch...the list goes on!  

There were so many beautiful items in the store to choose from I can't wait to go back and really shop! Plus Lucid is still about offering sustainable and ethical (and really en pointe) fashion, which is where Judith comes in!  For more about Lucid's green values check out Juicy Green Mom.  

As always thanks for reading and thanks to the hubs for the photos!  Stay tuned for my second look with Lucid later this week!

Top: SEN
Pants: Yoga Jeans
Necklace: Frug and Gorjana
Thanks to Lucid Lifestyle

Purse, Coat, and Shoes: Mine

BONUS:  Andrew is offering 25% off for online purchases.  Use code "juicygreenmom25"

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