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Hi everyone!  It's finally winter in Edmonton!  This year we have had the most marvelous fall!  I feel like it's practically unheard of that we would go this long without snow (it has snowed twice so far but it never stuck) and to be honest we don't even have that much.  Maybe half an inch or so.  We have been so lucky!

A few weeks ago while the weather was still warm, the hubs and I visited the grounds of the Alberta Legislature to do a shoot for the second look I pulled from Lucid Lifestyle.  You can see my first post of this series here.  Like I said before, Andrew has brought so many new amazing brands and items into the store I couldn't choose just one look.  This Love Sadie dress is actually something that he suggested and I love it!  

The beauty of an LBD is that you take the look in any direction you like.  Pair it with pumps for an easy go to; with a pair of cage heels for an amazing dressy look; with a red shoe for a pop of color. It's classic enough to look good with anything and on anyone, but that high low hemline adds just a little something extra!  It's the perfect LBD! This time though I wanted to stay to true to Lucid's vision and keep the look "cool".  So instead of heels I decided to pair it with these tan ankle boots.

To elevate the look I decided on a few jewelry pieces also from Lucid.  Jewelry is something newer for Lucid but if that's the case Andrew is off to a great start!  There is a great selection ranging from simple to statement.  It's all stunning and, considering the quality, at a really reasonable price point.  I would highly suggest stopping into the store for the jewelry alone!  I loved the ease of this FRUG necklace and thought the simplicity really complemented the clean lines of the dress.  For a little extra pop at the wrist this Jennea Frischke bracelet was the perfect extra touch.  I really love the way everything came together!

As always, thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend!

Dress: Love Sadie
Jewelry: FRUG and Jennea Frischke
Thanks to Lucid Lifestyle

Purse, Sunglasses, and Shoes: Mine

BONUS:  Andrew is offering 25% off for online purchases.  Use code "juicygreenmom25"

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  1. LBD is classic, Amanda. I love the way you style yours with the leopard clutch and booties.

    xo Jo

    1. Thanks Jo! I totally feel in love with this dress!

  2. Love this little black dress! You look Beautiful!

  3. LBD's are always my favorite and can rock any mood or day!! You look fabulous in this dress <3

  4. Simple, classy and beautiful!


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