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Hi everyone!  Well its been a long time since I've sat and written an in depth post but it's that time again.  So be warned this is a long one in what will probably be a series of long ones, so buckle in if you are interested or just scroll through the photos if you aren't! :)

For as long as I can remember I have struggled with my skin.  I seriously have the worst combination of skin issues.  I am acne prone, sensitive, and, since moving to Alberta, oily yet dehydrated at the same time! Plus, let's be honest, I am no longer a spring chicken so lets add aging concerns in there as well!  It's not a fun time.

When I started blogging my skin was clear but about two years ago my acne made a come back, and as my skin struggles have continued over those two years, photo editing has become progressively more difficult. From a technical standpoint it's fine. In fact with a new camera, and the hubs' ever improving photography skills, it's actually much easier than it was in the early days.  What I find myself struggling with is the image that I am putting forth some days.  Luckily, for a large portion of my most recent bout of acne I wasn't even blogging much. In a way this made life easier, but now that I am getting back to the blog editing has become a big concern for me. I try to keep it as real as possible, but at the same time am I really expected to post photos of myself with a giant pimple (or sometimes 5 or 6) on the internet for all the world to see?  I worry that anyone who meets me in person wouldn't recognize me. That my friends think "hmmm...that's not what she looked like when I saw her yesterday!", but what are my options? To remain as authentic as I can I generally limit my photo editing to removing active pimples only.  So what you see on my blog is me sans breakouts.  I don't use a fancy photo editor. I edit in Picasa and I don't soften my skin overall like a professional photographer would.  I simply spot remove specific blemishes. In a lot of photos you can see some of the scarring that my acne has left behind and I am perfectly ok with that. It's simply become a part of who I am. It's sort of just part of my story. But there is still a lot you can do with the right lighting and make up, and I find myself still wondering if it is really an honest portrayal of myself? Sometimes I'm really not sure. So I have decided to just be up front about it and share my struggle.

When I was younger and had acne I wasn't even super bothered by it to be honest.  I was a teenager.  Teenagers have acne. It goes away, but mine hasn't gone away and this time it's really bothering me.  I am an adult. A mom. I am not supposed to have acne anymore! On top of that I am still nursing (trust me no one is more surprised than I am about that!) so there is a limit to what I can do for my skin. 

So why aren't there any photos of my acne in this post? Because I am not ready for that yet! LOL! Please bare with me. When I started blogging I considered a lot of options and decided that I was going to stick to strictly fashion but I think its time to evolve and take a leap.  So over the next while I am going to work on expanding to share my skin journey.  What I am trying, what has worked for me, and what hasn't.  I hope that this is something everyone is interested in...because I am pretty nervous about it! I may never write again after this post but I think I will and we'll see what happens! I hope you'll join me for the ride!

Thank you so much for reading and of course thanks to the hubs for the photos and his support!

Coat: Aritzia
Vest: Forever 21
Sweater: Uniqlo
Jeans: GAP
Hat: J.Crew
Shoes & Purse: Coach

FOREO - New! LUNA mini 2

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  1. Great outfit <3

  2. Amanda, what a great post.

    I totally hear you about that nagging little dilemma: how you portray yourself online vs. IRL. When I think there's a significant discrepancy, it bothers me too and the only way I can describe my gut feeling about it is "icky." I actually try to use that as my moral compass LOL so even though my Instagram/Youtube/blog photos will always look better than my real life, I try not to let things get too out of hand. If I get that icky feeling in my gut about an Instagram photo -- e.g. it makes my life look way more glamorous than it actually is -- then I won't post it.

    In terms of acne I think it's totally FINE to edit that out. I truly believe most people would do the same. It's not as controversial as, say, magazines that photoshop all the natural wrinkles out of women who are 40+ years old. Either way, the most important thing is that you're HONEST in your blog about editing your photos and your personal struggle. It's when people lie and try to hide their plastic surgery / photo editing / etc that things start getting "icky" :)

    1. Quinn! It's so great to hear from you! I've missed you! It has been unexpectedly liberating to open up about my struggle and I really appreciate your thoughts on this issue. Thanks so you much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Your support means so much to me!


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