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Grey poncho

grey poncho

Hi all! Sorry about the late post!  I am trying to get back into a blogging schedule but the long weekend here this week pushed my usual post time back a bit!

grey poncho

bold lip

Have you ever heard that idea that you should never participate in a trend that second time it comes around?  Well let's say that I have done the cape/poncho thing in the past but I just love them too much not to hop back on the band wagon this time around!  Plus I am starting to think of them as merely a classic instead of a trend which means that they are fair game! Non?

Coach soft borough bag

grey poncho

All that being said I am 5'4" tall, so not exactly an Amazon in stature, and it can be easy to get lost in the all those folds of beautiful billowing fabric.  So here are my three tips for styling a poncho.

1. Emphasize your shape by wearing it with a slimmer silhouette underneath.  This is the option I chose for this look by pairing it with these skinny jeans. A pair of skinnies is the perfect contrast to the flowing lines of the poncho. I also love the idea of leather tights for a bit of edge.

2. Belt it. This is an especially good suggestion for some of the open front or ruana style ponchos that are really popular right now.  Adding a belt to any look involving a more flowing piece helps define your waist and adds shape and structure to overall silhouette.

3. Wear heels. Stilettos, block, thigh high boots, pumps, ankle height, you name it!  A good heel is a lifesaver fro any petite fashionista. When in doubt you can never go wrong with adding a few inches in the height department.  Is it possible to be too tall?! Not for me!

So there you have it! What do you guys think of the poncho/cape trend? I for one can't wait to see how many ways I can style this one and really rest its versatility!

As usual thanks so much for reading!

Jeans: GAP
Shoes: DKNY, Similar
Bag: Coach
Lipstick: Oh Lady by MAC

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  1. Wow such a pretty look. Love your poncho, shoes, bag and the lipstick:)Love them all:)

    Epsita |

    1. Thanks so much! I'm really happy with this poncho! Can't wait to still it again!

  2. Love the poncho and I also love that the weather is so nice you can wear sneakers! ; )

    1. We've been so lucky weather wise this year! I can't complain but I'm still hoping for an early spring! hehe!

  3. You look amazing! But I feel so cold for You! Hope you didn't freezed there!
    Love, Liliann from

    1. The photos look cold but really it wasn't bad for Edmonton! Maybe I am just numb from living in it for so long! lol!


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