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Rodan and Fields macro exfoliator review
Rodan and Fields macro exfoliator review

Rodan and Fields macro exfoliator

Over the years my skin has gone through a lot of ups and downs, fluctuating between periods of relatively clear skin and periods of very acne prone/problematic skin.  I've tried just about every remedy you can think of but the only thing I have found that has really worked for is certain types of birth control. For years my acne was under control with only the odd blip here and there and then I decided to have a baby and that was the end of that! When I first went off the pill my skin was relatively ok. I was actually quite surprised in fact. Then about 4 months after I stopped taking birth control my skin started having some issues and it has continued from there.  For the first 4-5 months of my pregnancy my skin was a nightmare before it settled and was completely clear during the latter half of pregnancy until about 4 months post partum when it went crazy again and it has remained crazy since then.  I've gone through problematic periods before and escaped relatively unscathed with some minimal scarring and discoloration which would fade over about 6 months or so once my acne was under control again. Unfortunately for me this time I am pretty sure that my age is catching up with me and my skin isn't healing as well as it once did.  So I was looking for something new to try when a friend of mine came to me with a suggestion of something new to try.  A new skin care line had recently become available in Canada and my friend was consultant for them.  I thought why not! I have nothing to lose.

Rodan and Fields macro exfoliator

Rodan and Fields (RF) is a premium skincare brand that became available in Canada for the first time last time year.  The line was created by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields who are also behind the popular skincare line Proactiv.  When Serena, my friend, first approached me I let her know that I had tried Proactiv in the past and that it had never really worked for me.  She explained that Proactiv was designed with teenagers in mind and that adult acne is a slightly different issue.  It's true that I have struggled to find skincare lines that addressed my adult acne issues as well as other skin issues that I have experienced as I have gotten older, so this is something I really appreciated about the product. So far I was optimistic!

Serena also discussed the RF business model with me briefly to determine the best purchase option for me.  RF was originally sold in stores but in 2008 launched into the direct selling market.  Serena offered me a few options:
1. Purchase the products normally
2. Join the PC perks program to purchase products at a 20% savings and set up an automatic bi-monthly renewal with a minimum spend
3. Join RF as a consultant and enjoy the same perks as customers plus a generous compensation and rewards program ranging from purses to all expense paid trips!

For anyone who may be interested in option number three I'll include a little bit of info that Serena discussed with me. Unlike some direct selling models I have learned about in the past Serena explained to me that with RF you can go at your own pace and that you receive plenty of support and training.  The business model is actually designed to encourage camaraderie and allow for work life balance.  I have watched friends and family enter into direct sales models in the past and struggle with this aspect; having to meet monthly quotas and feeling left abandoned by their sponsors after their initial enrollment.  So having Serena's reassurance in this area was a nice bonus. Also it allows you to write your skin care off as an expense which is a nice perk!

I personally opted for option #2.

Rodan and Fields macro exfoliator

RF offers four product lines including a few products that RF has designed for adult problematic skin. Based on my doctor's advice I was unable to start on the Unblemish  regimen (my review is now complete here) because I was still nursing, so Serena suggested that I start with the Macro Exfoliator (ME).  The Macro Exfoliator is hand held exfoliating tool used once a week to remove dead skin cells.  I call it my face vacuum! I placed my order and within a few days received my first package which contained:
-the rechargeable macro exfoliator
-8 cooling gels ampules
-Charging base and AC adaptor
-Tip cleaning brush and tweezers
-Spare exfoliation filter
-And spare filter pads (52)

My basic explanation would be that the unit has a special abrasive tip that it combines with suction to slough off and remove excess dead skin cells from the skin surface.  The skin cells are trapped on a special filter and you can see what was removed from your face which is so strangely satisfying! For anyone who suffers from acne you know that our skin tends to overproduce dead skin cells so that they are not removed as quickly as they should be which leads to clogged pores and eventually blemishes. So removing excess skin cells is step one in helping prevent acne.

There are two settings: manual and doc-smart which automatically sets the intensity and time for different sections of the face.  A diagram on the display shows you which areas to work on and what direction to go until you have completed your entire face, neck, and chest area. The first time I used it I didn't find a lot in the filter but I assume that this was most likely because I wasn't used to using the unit properly.  It must be placed in such a way that it creates and maintains suction as you move it across the surface of your skin.  If it is placed correctly the unit makes a sort of humming noise so you know its working.  The first time I used it it was really difficult to maintain that contact with the surface while moving it smoothly.  So I have to admit that there is a distinct learning curve to using the unit properly, but within 2 or 3 uses I started to get the hang of it and the results were in the filter!  It should also be noted that as your skin acclimates you will start to see less in the filter.  Don't worry that your unit isn't working like I did.  This is a good sign.

Rodan and Fields macro exfoliator

And the verdict? I LOVE this device!  It can't be used on active acne so it doesn't help a breakout that is already in progress but if I feel like I am just about to get a pimple I can use it and often the pimple won't fully develop.  Also it leaves your skin SOOOO smooth and soft.  I definitely notice a difference in the way my make up applies the day after I have used it and to an acne sufferer that in it itself is a big deal.  My overall complexion is definitely brighter and more radiant as well.

In summary:
-Increased radiance
-Improved general texture (but not texture from scarring)
-Increased smoothness and therefore better make up application
-Some reduction of breakouts
-I do think there was an improvement in discoloration type scarring but I am also still suffering from active acne and therefore new breakouts and new scars are still being created making this a little difficult to clearly see

-Learning curve/the unit must be placed perfectly to be effective
-No improvement to textured type scarring
-You have to continually replace and purchase the filter pads.  A reuseable pad would be preferred personally and its better for the environment
-I do feel like it pulls at your skin because of the suction element and I wonder what effect that has on wrinkles/sagging in the long run

So now comes the part that I have been dreading since deciding to start this series...the before and afters.  The before I took in August and I have to admit that I had already used the ME about 3 times. The before I took just recently.  I tried to match up the before and after the best that I could but the lighting is a bit overexposed in the after because it was a different time of day.   On a side note - man am I pale in the winter! LOL.  You can see some discoloration scarring under my nose is gone and the apple of my cheek. Like I said in the pros, this is a little hard to judge because new scars are still being created. I honestly don't think the photos do the product justice but trust me when I say my skin FEELS so much better when I am using the ME. It feels lighter if that makes sense.  So here goes nothing!

Rodan and Fields macro exfoliator review beforeRodan and Fields macro exfoliator review after

If you have any questions or interest in Rodan and Fields products or the Macro Exfoliator please check out Serina's website and stay tuned for my review of the Unblemish Acne Treatment System coming soon.

As always thank you so much for visiting and joining me on my skin journey!

Disclaimer: products for this post were provided to me at a discount however the opinions expressed are solely my own and based on my experience with the product.  As always my responsibility is to you, the reader.

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  1. I may have to look into this - my skin is also just going ballistic lately. I'm noticing it way more this year than any other year and I think it's both a result of a recent pregnancy (which didn't stick, unfortunately) and my age. It's nutty.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

    1. Courtney, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. This time of year I think the weather is wreaking havoc with everyone's skin unfortunately. Sometimes a good exfoliation is just the trick!


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