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Rodan and Fields Unblemish
After starting with the Rodan and Fields Macro Exfoliator which I posted about previously, I was eventually able to start on the Unblemish regimen a few months later.

Unblemish is Rodan and Fields' (RF) answer to acne.  Instead of spot treating acne it's designed to be used as a system to stop the cycle of acne (clogged pores, trapped oil, inflammation and hyperpigmentation) and, in Canada, includes three products (On the US site the regimen appears to include a fourth product, the oil control lotion, and comes with your choice of either the clarifying toner or the spot fading toner. I did not see the spot fading toner as an option on the Canadian site, however, I am not certain if it is available and I missed it or if it is simply not available in Canada.):

Rodan and Fields Acne treatment sulfer wash

Step 1 - The acne treatment sulfur wash is a thick, light purple coloured face wash with a nice creamy consistency. Starting with clean skin you apply the product to your face and allow to sit for 30-60 seconds. With 3% sulfur as the active ingredient, this product does not have nicest scent and the fumes did sting my eyes a little, but I have used sulfur products to spot treat acne in the past and do find them to be quite effective on my skin. One thing I really enjoy about this product in particular is that it didn't strip my skin, leaving it dry and tight feeling, as so many acne face washes do. After washing my face my skin felt clean but still comfortable.

Rodan and Fields Unblemish Review

Step 2 -  The clarifying toner.  Since I was still nursing a bit I was advised by my consultant not to use the clarifying toner as part of my regimen so I left this step out.  In fact for anyone else in this situation or anyone who is pregnant I would highly recommend discussing your skincare regimen and any changes to it with your doctor, as several skincare ingredients are not recommended for nursing/pregnant women. 

Step 3 -  The dual intensive acne treatment is literally two products in one.  It comes in a dual chamber bottle with a lotion on one side and a gel on the other. Pump out matching amounts of product from each side (one pump per side was enough for me), mix together, and apply to the face. This special delivery system "ensures maximum efficacy" of the active ingredient, 2.5% benzoyl peroxide.  Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most common ingredients in acne treatments and I found this treatment to again be less drying and harsh than many other benzoyl peroxide treatments I have used in the past.

Rodan and Fields dual intensive acne treatment

Rodan and Fields Unblemish regimen

It is recommended that you ease your skin into the system over a period of four weeks to allow it to acclimate as you go.  The system basically cleans out your skin so it does come with the warning that you could and should experience an initial break out period and man did I ever!  Within the first 2 weeks my skin broke out uncontrollably!  There was a point where I felt that my chin had no unblemished surface area left.  I literally had one pimple on top of another one for a while but I had been prepared for this by my consultant so I soldiered on!  After about a month the intense breakouts began to subside somewhat and I was left with...mild/moderate acne.  Wop-wah!  The treatment didn't work for me.  Results should be seen within 4-6 weeks but can take up to 8 weeks. I continued to use it for another month and a half  to make sure that I gave it a proper chance but basically saw no additional improvement.  After 8 weeks of use or if you have cystic acne RF recommends seeing a dermatologist.

Rodan and Fields Unblemish system

The verdict? Well I think that's obvious.  Sadly the product didn't work for me, but I don't necessarily think that means it DOESN'T work.  There are several factors to be considered in my experience that could have affected the outcome. 1. I was unable to use the entire regimen which the RF site notes up front could affect your results. 2. I have cystic acne which they are also upfront that Unblemish might not be effective on. Someone also recently suggested to me that I might be allergic to benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid products and that their use may actually contribute to my acne!  Given that I have never had luck with either of these (two of the most common acne) ingredients I suspect there might be some merit to the suggestion. 

-60 day money back guarantee. This basically means that there is no risk!  I personally opted not to return the products given that I received them at a discount and I knowingly decided to use them longer than the recommended 8 weeks. I also might try using the entire regimen as it is intended once I can safely use the clarifying toner to see if that makes a difference.
-Does not strip skin and leave it feeling tight and dry
-Did not result in any dry patches on my skin as is common with acne treatments
-Pretty purple colour (I love purple!)

-Didn't work for me and may not work on cystic acne in general.
-Somewhat high price tag.  I would say that cost wise RF is inline with other high end skin care options available, but high end skin care is high end skin care and can be unattainable for some.
-The unpleasant scent of face wash and eye stinging

If you have any questions or interest in Rodan and Fields products or the Unblemish Regimen please check out Serina's, my friend and consultant, website.  If you haven't already please do check out my review of an RF product that DID work for me and that I love, the Rodan and Fields Macro Exfoliator. There are also photos of my skin before and after as the before picture in that post is from just before I started Unblemish and the after was taken just recently, and there has basically been no change in my skin since stopping use of Unblemish.

As always thank you so much for visiting and joining me on my skin journey!

Disclaimer: products for this post were provided to me at a discount however the opinions expressed are solely my own and based on my experience with the product.  As always my responsibility is to you, the reader.

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  1. Fabulous review. Loved your detailed post.

    1. Thanks so much! It is a bit of a long one! Haha! Sad it didn't work for me but had a great experience with the brand overall and found some other loves!

  2. As much as the acne skin journey sucks, I am learning a lot and enjoy reading your trials and tribulations :)

    1. Yup! Acne sucks but I'm so glad you can get some useful info! Thanks for stopping by;)

  3. The unblemish didn't work on me either. It made my skin very dry and I had redness on my entire face instead of just on my cheeks. Made my skin look scaly so I had to stop a little shy of four weeks.

  4. he oiliness of my face is still there,when I look in the mirror it seems like it is swelling but its not, dermaplaning nyc price


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