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Closet interior

We've all done it.  Looked at our overflowing closets and exclaimed I have nothing to wear! In response to this ever looming dilemma we go out and buy more options to fill the "holes" in our wardrobe only to exclaim again a few months later "I have nothing to wear!".  I am as guilty, if not more so, as the next shopaholic, thinking that a large variety of options will ensure the perfect outfit every time.  Yet statistics say that most people only wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time.  That's a shockingly small percentage of useful clothes and large percent of wasted money!  So this year I am vowing to organize and downsize my wardrobe!

It may sound counterintuitive but a well curated wardrobe actually makes it easier to plan and style outfits.  I suspect it's because 1. you can actually see the options and 2. there is something to be said about working within a box that for whatever reason encourages creativity.

So hear are my steps to building a well curated wardrobe!

Clear shoe boxes

1. Start by reviewing your entire wardrobe.  Yep! Every. Single. Piece. and pull a "what not to wear". Take a look at each item and decide what you want to keep, what needs to be tossed, what can be donated, and, one that what not to wear skipped, what needs to be repaired or altered (because clothes in disrepair don't get worn).  I know this can seem like a daunting task so I highly recommend completing it a la sex and city.  Invite some girlfriends, provide wine and snacks, and go to town! Wine can improve any situation!

Closet interior

2. Remove all seasonal items.  Items that are specific to a season just clutter up our space and make it difficult to see the hidden gems in our closets.  So buy some storage bins - Ikea has some nice options if you want to keep things pretty or go cheap and dirty and hit up the Walmart, but get those space suckers out of there.

Toss keep donate bins

3. Now put everything staying in your closet back in but when you are hanging them up put the hangers in backwards.  Then every time you wear an item put it back in the hanging the correct way.  After 6 months or so take a look at the hangers that are still facing the wrong way.  Items you haven't worn in 6 months are likely part of that pesky 80% of your wardrobe that you aren't wearing and should join the toss or donate pile.

4. Building a curated wardrobe isn't entirely about what you take out of your current wardrobe, it's also about what you add to it.  So from now on only purchase pieces that you LOVE! When I was younger I often fell into the trap of buying mediocre items because they were on sale, or someone told me I should, etc. but these are exactly the type of filler pieces that you end up not wearing and just got rid of. If you don't LOVE it don't buy it!

Jewelry organization

Jewelry organization

5. Repeat steps 1-3 every 6 months! You now have a beautifully curated wardrobe.  All you have to do is maintain it!

**Bonus** I also recommend sitting down at the beginning of each season and assessing your wardrobe to decide what you would like to add to it.  Review items that get lots of wear but need to be replaced or updated. ie. your favorite jeans, black slacks, white t-shirts. etc. Also think about the upcoming trends that have been catching your eye and which of them you would like to add to you wardrobe.  Then when you go shopping you have an idea of what you need vs what you want and an you where the holes that need to be filled are.

Thanks so much for stopping by and good luck!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! It's something I'm always working on!

  2. UGH! I've been meaning to do this. It' so tedious! Everytime I start I freak out because I know how much $$ was spent on some items that I literally have NEVER worn.

    Love your idea of doing it with some gal pals.

    1. I totally know where you are coming from, but I like to remind myself how great it will feel when it's all said and done! I'm still working on taking my own advice all the time though! lol. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!


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