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How to be a fashionista

Lace up heels

I was recently talking to my bestie about fashion. She is a mommy of three!  I marvel at mommies of three... or two... or other mommies of one for that matter! Anything higher than three is so far out of my frame of reference that I can't even begin to wrap my mind around it to be honest! Anyways, we were talking about time and how we have none, an issue that is not exclusive to mommies.  She asked me some questions and then she said the funniest thing to me.  She called me a unicorn! LOL!  She said that she didn't know how I can have so little time and manage to pull myself together.  Ladies, I am not a unicorn! Fashionistas are not unicorns (ok well maybe Olivia Palermo but she's the exception to the rule!) All kidding aside though. if you were to knock on my door any day of the week I would 1. not let in so that you couldn't see the mess that my house was and 2. probably still be in my pjs and a mom bun. I have learned a few things along the way however that help me pull it together when I need to.  I have shared a few in the past like taking the time to curate a capsule wardrobe and my key step to elevate your wardrobe.  Contrary to popular belief though there is nothing magical about what I do here on the blog. It's just a personal interest that I decided to grow and I firmly believe that fashion is accessible to everyone, but I do understand that it can be intimidating sometimes.  So here are my 5 steps to bringing out your inner fashionista!

How to be a fashionistaHow to be a fashionista

Grey moto jacket

How to be a fashionista

1. Get inspired.  Fashionable people don't wake up fashionable.  They draw inspiration from all around them. Sometimes that's from travel, sometimes it's from architecture, and sometimes it's from other fashionable people!  So start a mood board. Whether it be on Pinterest or old school magazine clippings in a scrapbook, collect your ideas and inspiration in one place for reference and let it inspire you.
2. Know what works for you.  Figure out your strong points and highlight them. Maybe you have great legs, a great rack, or a small waist. Focus on your positives instead of worrying about your negatives.  Instead of dressing to hide your problem areas, highlight your best features!

Pink studded clutch

3. Prep.  This one is huge is time is an issue. First, prep your wardrobe.  Have things, hemmed, drycleaned, tailored, ironed, etc. Basically ready to go when you need them.  There is nothing worse than having the perfect outfit in mind only find to find that you can't wear it because it needs ironing! Second, prep your outfit. It actually takes a shocking amount of thought to look as effortless as your favorite fashionistas.  Take the time to plan an outfit in advance.  Plan out a bunch and just have they ideas at the ready if that works for you.  This one also helps you avoid that post dressing hurricane that you leave in your wake...ladies you know what I'm talking about!

How to be a fashionista

4. Snap a photo.  When in doubt, snap a photo.  There is something about seeing a look in a photo that gives you the perspective you need to decide if it's a hit or miss.
5. Experiment.  I can't stress this more!  TRY THINGS ON!  Some of my favorite items of clothing are things that I was uncertain of until I tried them on.  I never want to hear "I could never pull that off". I know, I know, but what if it looks bad or doesn't fit?! Then so what?  That just means that it wasn't a great item, or a great fit, or a great look. Always remember that imperfect items are in no way shape or form about you.  You are perfect the way you are.  When things don't look right on you it's because there is something wrong with the clothes.  Do not be held hostage by fashion!

lace up heels

So there you have it.  Pretty basic non?

Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend!

Jacket: Similar from Banana Republic ON SALE
Top: Old
Skirt: Old Navy, Similar GAP Pencil Skirt
Shoes: Zara (old), Similar Lace Up Heels
Lipstick: MAC

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