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Hello lovelies!  So I have to apologize for the lack of posting lately.  In addition to travelling a ton and starting a new job, I honestly have just been suffering from some major writer's block!  I sit down to write but nothing (usable) comes out!  I have been trying to find some inspiration though to get my creative juices flowing again and I think it's starting to work.  Fingers crossed!

Thinking about inspiration for the blog has had me thinking about inspiration in general.  What inspires me when I'm planning an outfit?  Since becoming a momma I need things in my life to be easy! So I like to keep a few templates in mind that I can fall back on to make my life easier and allow me pull my self together quickly!  

1. Choose a bold element and go basic on everything else.  One of my favorite, easy, go tos is a bold lip and all black but you can do that same thing with any bold element.  A statement necklace, some amazing earrings, or a stunning bag. Then down play everything else to allow that element to stand out. It's seriously the easiest look to put together because it's built on basics which everyone has in their wardrobe!
2. Choose a time period.  Choose a time period that inspires you and recreate it with modern elements.  Lately for me it's been the 1970s, but the 1960s, the 1920s, anything works. I find that looks inspired by other time periods always have a way of looking really pulled together which is always a plus!
3. Choose a color story.  Monochratic, black and white, contrasting color combos.  the possibilities are endless and playing with color always leads to an really eye catching outfit.

The reason these templates work is because they give a look focus and help unify it always create a focused unified look.  Your look will say something without you having had to work very hard at putting it together and like I said I am all about easy!  Let me know what inspires you when you are planning an outfit!  I could seriously use the inspiration and I'm always looking to tips and tricks to add to my toolbox!

As always thanks for reading!

Dresses: H&M, Similar
Jacket: Similar here, also love this blush bomber style
Purse: Coach, Similar Swagger Style, Similar Blush Cross Body Purse
Shoes: Converse
Watch: Michael Kors

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  1. What a nice post! Thanks so much for sharing! These easy tips to look amazing everyday will help us gain a really eye catching look.


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