Hi! I’m Amanda and I LOVE fashion and all things fashion related! Fashion was always a major component in my life when I was younger but sometimes life leads you in unexpected directions and I ended up living in Edmonton and working from home (usually in my pjs). Somewhere along the way I feel like my love of fashion was pushed aside for more practical things...like staying warm in this arctic city! It's hard to stay stylish when you don't have to get dressed in the morning and even harder if when you do get dressed your primary concern is keeping frostbite at bay! Ok ok...Edmonton isn't that bad! It's full of great people and if your down jacket doesn't keep you warm, the people do! So this is my attempt to bring style back into my life in a fun and creative way as I try to stay stylish through my adventures in Edmonton and life in general!

All photography on the blog by the hubs at Dan Yeung Photography unless otherwise stated.


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